Sunday, 29 November 2009

How would you describe "Progressive Spirituality"?

Hi and welcome to my Blog! My aim is to share with friends my ideas on the transformation of 'religion' into a way of living - a spiritual path. In Britain churches are closing, the numbers entering ministry are in decline, and congregations are dwindling rapidly. Yet more and more people are wanting to "experience" the Divine - the Real - "Life in all its fullness". This Blog will explore what is going on - what forces are at work - and what difference it would make to the world if a lived spirituality was driving change in economics, politics and the global community.

So my first BLOG question - what do you think? What are the differences between a religious way of life or a spiritual path? Have the historic faiths still things to tell us in the 21st Century? Is it all over for the enlightenment and the rationalist approach? Is there a God - active in the world, or are we our own expression of the Divine?

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Happy thinking and feeling. John

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