Sunday, 13 February 2011

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Longing is the universe evolving.

Longing is the universe evolving. Love is the glove enveloping the formless form. Sing, sing of the light. The starlight born of darkness.

And what of you and me? Was our soul-light born then too? Ready made seed: divine spark. Waiting, waiting down the eons.

I, in this moment know myself. Present! Full! Graced. Given. Dance, dance with me now. Maker of worlds! Life giver.

I am here living, aware, joyed. This, "little thing" held in my gloved hand. Looking in and out - seeing all that is. In this I am alone but also everything.

That is the wonder of it all. To see, to love, to be! To be beyond strife and striving.

Let poets speak. Let songs be sung! No random words - save the well chosen. It is all we have to praise the mystery of being.

Yet - even poets are silenced in that ending, when the heart drowns in love.

Copyright John Hetherington Feb 2011


Living the Egyptian Dream

I have just read a fascinating piece, posted by Peter Smith reflecting on an article published in the New York Times, on the mistakes of US western policy towards the middle east. It was a brilliant analysis of the issues of why western nations got it wrong.

It sent me off dreaming of how the rest of this Century could evolve. This is my hope.

Democracy globally will be a natural part of our coming 21st C world - with respect for human responsibilities (as well as rights); and of leaderships that uphold the spiritual values of justice and compassion.

We need just as much a sea change in the Western Democracies as in those states that have other cultural roots, such as China, India, and the Islamic and Orthodox Christian nations such as Russia.

Words like mutuality, respect for difference, simplicity, need to be the hallmark of our common global future.

I sense we are on the cusp of a new global cross cultural understanding of the sort of planetary culture and set of values we will need to put in place for the rest of this century.

In my view, it will be individual, local, trans-national and "spiritual" - deriving ideas and values from past traditions in religion and culture, as well as from a basic humanism.

The era of monolithic nations and empires is fading and a much greater sense of being part of a common humanity is growing.

It will not be easy to fashion this - but I trust and hope that its development will deepen into a new compassionate globalism. One World - of respect and pluralism, environmental care and justice for the impoverished.

The historic faiths and their practices will still be deeply present in most communities, alongside more free-wheeling spiritual journeying, but with an openness and progressive approach based on tolerance of difference.

There will be an inherent internationalism and globalism - where extremes of poverty and great wealth are seen as unacceptable.

Politics will change to allow wisdom and insight to be the predominant reason for participation as service - not for power or reward.

These are exciting times to be alive. We must all, "Live the dream!"