Saturday, 4 February 2012

This was an attempt to learn the Chakras location and meaning.

May help some of my readers:

The Energy of Life

My Crown sings

in perpetual awareness of higher consciousness

to reveal a Violet lightness:

Source of beauty, creativity and self sacrifice.

At the centre of my vision resides mystical insight

There I “see” with my Third Eye, in Indigo hue,

Prism of intuition and understanding of the way.

From my throat is voiced to the sky

the Blue sound of Self expression,

in true communication of Spirit.

The core of all being inhabits my Heart

waving rhythmically in a field of verdant Green

while at home Love dances perpetually.

My Self-worth is upheld through my Solar Plexus

Sun Yellow the colour of ego, intellect and clear thinking,

 Connecting strength, confidence and good humour.

Deep is feeling and joy rooted in my lower abdomen.

There self-respect abides while Orange glows

in its success and freedom.

Upholding all - the base of my spine - source of power

Whose colour Red symbolises self awareness,

Built on solid ground, deep rooted and vital!

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