Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Evolutionary Christianity

Hi everyone on my Blog - I am posting a link here to the Evolutionary Christianity website: What keeps drawing me back to the site is the breadth of contributors - but I just picked up on from the site of the passing of Judy Cannato - an amazing writer on spirtual evolution and the evolutionary story. Do check it out and lets see what we think. And check out Judy's many books. They take you there!
And just to whet your appetite further check out this endorsement:
What others are saying about Field of Compassion:

“Judy Cannato writes like a poet, visions like a mystic, and weaves a story that is original, provocative, and inspiring. Her ability to integrate the wisdom of field theory, Christian compassion, and personal narrative ...provides the reader with nourishment for intellect and spirit alike. A message of reassurance and hope for troubled times.”—Diarmuid O’Murchu,author of Quantum Theology
"Synthesizing the brilliant insights of our era’s most significant scientists and spiritual teachers, Judy Cannato provides an effective process for embodying this new understanding. Field of Compassion is a gateway into the future of the human species.”—Brian Thomas Swimme, co-author of The Universe Story.

I have read both of these and found them transforming!

GO buy!!

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