Sunday, 30 May 2010

A prose poem of awakening humanity

Ascent - an awakening.

Knowing nothing
of right and wrongdoing
Self awakens.

A human being stands tall
on an ancient shore
for the first time.

See, she is coming too.
She also knows Self.
We are
Two in One, Us.

Flesh and blood, evolving,
copying ourselves
into infinite difference.

We were our cousins once,
Subtle in difference,
enjoying the tree canopy.
Knowers in a gentler way.

We will become even more
Through our tomorrows.

Older than eternity
Inhabiting feeling
Their senses reach out.
Thought gathers.

Sand, sea and infinite sky
are nominated.

Alone still,
their beingness cries
in ecstasy

Seeing, touching, smelling.
Sensate explorers!
Form is formed within.
Love is shared.

Thought follows thought
In a crescendo of insight
This is that.
For, in this beginning was the Word.

Now is old.
Yet, there was a before.
A prior union
of creating from love.
Yes, we remember!

Ah the dancing fields.
Infinite energy
Timeless time.
Every thing from no thing.

Re-live the act of becoming.
Awaken to glory and gift.
I AM all for you.

That was OUR
Infinite choreography
Infolding into fire.

Let there be light.
Let life evolve.
Let being become.
For this is what I AM.

Light, Life and Being at play.

This is your meaning
and purpose.
Infinite eyes
Infinite imagination
Infinite love

ONE emergent
In each individuated being.
Touched by grace
Loved always, never judged.

Evolving into infinite difference
Thinking, choosing, free at last!
Partnering divinity,
co-creators of an infinite future.

Living on worlds beyond number.
Beings in infinite form.
Love my infinite gift.
Ah, we remember!

In this is joy.
In this is the eternal
ecstasy of being.

Let me never forget.
I know now
And I understand.
And that is everything.

John Hetherington
May 2010

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