Thursday, 31 December 2009

Spiritual books - suggestions and comments please

I thought I'd start off a sharing of my most appreciated books from the literature of 'spirituality', but also sources on the web for out of copyright material. So here goes, not in a particular order, but trending from those most influential to those I still value.

I would love it if readers would add to my list with their suggestions. I will keep this up to date on Facebook and my Blog - this is just a starter.

First - contemporary writers and novel format material :
Kahil Gabril - The Prophet and other works:
Paulo Coelho - particularly The Alchemist and the Zahir
Good Compilation of English "Spiritual poets" from Bede to the 1920s - The English Spirit (The Little Gidding Anthology of English Spirituality) DLT

Film - to be added
e.g The Matrix, Avatar

Books I have in my Library:
Radical Amazement - Judy Cannato ["Awareness of the Divine begins with wonder" - a Herschel quote]
Integral Life Practice - Ken Wilbur and others:
Ken Wilbur - A brief History of Everything
David Tacy - The Spirituality Revolution
Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now
Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations with God - and many more

Christian Writers:
Marcus Borg - Reading the Bible Again for the First Time & Meeting Jesus Again for the first time (and almost everything else he has written)
John Shelby Spong: Liberating the Gospels, A new Christianity for a New World (and most of his books since - including Jesus for the NOn Religious and Eternal Life - A new Vision.
Adrian B Smith - Tomorrow's Christian (O Books) and lots more
Deepak Chopra  - Quantum Healing and lots more
John Hetherington - Booklet "Reshaping Christianity - Mysticsm. Spirituality and Global faith" - avilable from Free to Believe:

Christian Scriptures - Psalms, Wisdom, Proverbs, Gospel of John and early Pauline genuine epistles.
Gospels of Mary (see:
and Thomas (see:
and the Pistis Sophia (
Also see:

Other Christian writings: St Augustine - The City of God -
Also The Confessions of St Augustine -
Julian of Norwich - Revelations of Divine Love (14th Century):
William Law - (17/18 C) - A serious Call to a devoit and holy life:
Thomas A Kempis - The Imitation of Christ:

For the whole corpus visit and search in and

World Religions:
Taoism - The Book of the Way:
The Vedanta (Indian Religious Scriptures):
Covers: Vedas (,
Upanishads (
Bhagavad Gita (
Bahai: [Also see:]
Islam: [Includes a full range of Sufi material - Rumi poetry can be found here:

Sites cover not just English translations - but references more general text.

[TO BE UPDATED - so keep popping back, please and add your own lists.]

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